The UVM Club Team finished the season Sunday in playing for the New England Club Baseball Championship game. Although we came in second it was a "very good year" as we were truly the second best (I feel we were the best) team on the field of the 21 NECBA teams. We had the second most wins, only team to beat Franklin Pierce (twice), had the BEST baseball field (Centennial) to play on thanks to the Lake Monsters.
Off the field we:
started with 19 players only 1 didn't finish.
All the players made it to the game in Saugus yesterday with a leave time of 6:30am.
We were the best dressed team in the NECBA, thanks to the Friends for purchasing the uniforms.
13 of the 18 players are Vermont high school graduates
Over half of our guys donated blood on October 12th.
Our team was present, with uniform tops on, when the Student Government Association voted 32 YES,  2 no, 1 abstention on the Resolution to BRING IT BACK
Our 4 Seniors will graduate on time:
Chris Bernard - Biological Science major, already accepted into the UVM Medical School
Chris Kenseth - Chemistry major, scored 169 out 170 on the Chemistry GRE
Brendan Hackett - Mechanical Engineering major
Tyler Jones - Finance major
These 4 made a special contribution to our team.

Jim Carter, faculty advisor and coach