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2014 / 2015 UVM Sports Recap

Friends, lets take a look at the UVM athletic year (2014/15) and
records of the 18 teams.


It’s past time for a pastime

Just east of campus sits a piece of history. It’s fair to assume that many students will never visit Centennial Field, let alone understand what it’s meant to generations of students and Vermonters alike.

read more @Vermont Cynic Website


Jim Carter on ESPN Radio 101.3

Jim Carter will be on the local 101.3 local ESPN show Saturday at 11am. Listen or call in 655 6672. Topics are Club Team activities and BRING IT BACK momentum.  The Club Team is scrimmaging at Rice Saturday at 1pm.


Calcutta Summary

We had a terrific Calcutta on Saturday at Finnigan's. A boisterous but civil crowd was assembled. Many of the Friend's members participated either by selling tickets (we sold out before the Calcutta), buying tickets or getting "door prizes'". Thank you to Daren, Barry C., Jeff D. Rick F., Hock, Tom, Mike, Steve, Bob, Kyle, Rick H, Mark, John, Don, Pete, Peter, John, TJ and Paul for your support. Hope I didn't miss someone. We have $6500 in hand with 10 folks that I should get their $75 this week. I was pleased that so many Club Team members bought or sold tickets and showed up. In talking with some of you last night our next step will be get some key Friend members and a few students to meet with the "right" UVM Administrators and tell them of our "recent activities and traction". We are not going away! Having 7 of the legislators that are also UVM Board of Trustees sign the House of Representatives Resolution was a key development. Also thank the following "door prize" donors for the their contribution.


Resolution presented to the House of Representatives

On Friday (March 20th) members of the Friends of UVM Baseball and Softball, former UVM Baseball and Softball players and current Club Team Baseball and Softball players assembled in the Well of the House Representatives to hear the Resolution read in support of UVM baseball and softball and the history of Centennial Field. The Resolution was sponsored, signed and supported by many legislators including 7 of the 8 legislators on the UVM Board of Trustees. This reading was followed by an unanimous vote of approval of the 150 member House and culminated with rousing ovation. Before and after the reading the group members met casually and talked about BRING IT BACK with individual legislators. There were many, many favorable responses by individual House and Senate members.

read the resolution here:



The University of Vermont Baseball Program has a long, proud tradition dating back to the 1880’s.  During this period, hundreds of Vermont high school graduates have donned the Green and Gold representing not only UVM but also their home state of Vermont.  Baseball has always been one of the most successful athletic programs at UVM.  In 2009, the athletic department cut both Baseball and Softball due to budget concerns.  The following facts will illustrate that this was a poor, short sighted decision.


Become Part of Centennial Field Legacy

A perfect gift for a University of Vermont Baseball alum or supporter to share in the history and restoration of Historic Centennial Field!

Centennial Field, first opening in 1906, has served as the backdrop of thousands of professional, collegiate, and local baseball memories for over a century!  The Vermont Lake Monsters, along with Preservation Trust of Vermont has a created a special opportunity to become part of the legacy of this historic structure.  For a one time cost $ 100, a person can be honored with a seat plaque on one of the seats currently on display at Centennial Field.  Each donation is eligible for tax deduction through Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Either as a birthday, holiday, graduation or any other special occasion gift, dont miss out on this chance to be a part of the deep history of Centennial Field.  For further information, or to secure your plaque, please visit:


SGA Meeting - Resolution to bring it back

Friends,  just returned from the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting and the 1 hour and 15 minute discussion to BRING IT BACK (baseball and softball). After much questioning, discussion and listening the Resolution was a proposed as: "The Student Government Association supports the return of Division 1 baseball and softball to the University of Vermont". There were many whereas and the bottom line vote was, 32 YES, 2 no, 1 abstention. It was truly a good day for The Friends and the BRING IT BACK movement. Congratulations for all that you have done since our group was founded back in 2009. Again we all know that it is not going to happen next week, next month probably not next year, however "the train keeps going in the right direction".

Be well, Jim


The Friends of Vermont Baseball Invitational

The UVM Club baseball team will be hosting the first "Friends of Vermont Baseball Invitational" tournament.


Friday September 19 - 4pm: SMC vs Lyndon State
followed by Lyndon State vs The Club Team
Sunday - noon: SMC vs The Black Sox
followed by The Black Sox vs The Club Team

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