We had a terrific Calcutta on Saturday at Finnigan's. A boisterous but civil crowd was assembled. Many of the Friend's members participated either by selling tickets (we sold out before the Calcutta), buying tickets or getting "door prizes'". Thank you to Daren, Barry C., Jeff D. Rick F., Hock, Tom, Mike, Steve, Bob, Kyle, Rick H, Mark, John, Don, Pete, Peter, John, TJ and Paul for your support. Hope I didn't miss someone. We have $6500 in hand with 10 folks that I should get their $75 this week. I was pleased that so many Club Team members bought or sold tickets and showed up. In talking with some of you last night our next step will be get some key Friend members and a few students to meet with the "right" UVM Administrators and tell them of our "recent activities and traction". We are not going away! Having 7 of the legislators that are also UVM Board of Trustees sign the House of Representatives Resolution was a key development. Also thank the following "door prize" donors for the their contribution.

Ken Carter - 1/2 gallon of 2015 maple syrup
Mark Dobson - $50 gift certificate at Hannafords
John Luter - $25 gift certificate at 99 Restaurant
Kyle Bostwick - Bill Buckner signed baseball
Jim Carter- $30 gift certificate at Jericho Cafe and Tavern
John Packard - a dozen 1 ounce cans of Bag Balm
Kyle Bostwick -  2 ounces of Centennial Field dirt (at least 40 years old)
Tom Simon - "The Wonder Team in the White City" and "Green Mountain Boys of Summer"
Jim Carter - UVM Club Team V hat
Club Team - last game VERMONT uniform top (pre 2009)
Jim Carter - Dinner for 2 at Papa Franks