University: Salary is in line with others in two leagues

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Robert Corran, the University of Vermont’s athletic director since 2003, received a $35,000 increase — about 18 percent — in his annual salary when he signed a three-year contract extension earlier this year, a public-records request by the Burlington Free Press reveals.

In a letter to Corran dated July 24, Tom Gustafson, UVM’s vice president for administration and university relations, referred to a prior agreement with Corran to update his base salary to $235,000.

Corran’s deal, which began retroactively July 1, runs through June 30, 2016, with an option for an additional year if both parties agree, according to the letter, which amends Corran’s contract. The Free Press obtained the letter, along with Corran’s prior contracts with UVM, after filing a public-records request with the university this month.

UVM made no announcement about Corran’s contract extension or his salary increase at the time.

Corran’s previous salary was $199,283 for the 2012-2013 school year. He earned $140,000 a year when he was first hired — meaning his earnings have increased 68 percent during the past 10 years.

Why the substantial raise? Corran was one of the least-paid athletic directors in America East and Hockey East, Gustafson said.

With only a 4 percent salary increase during the prior three years, Gustafson added, Corran’s salary was below the median and mean of the athletic directors at the other institutions of the two leagues of which Vermont is a member.

“I agreed to get him to the median of his peers,” Gustafson said. “We’ve not had any NCAA problems ... we are dealing with pretty marginal facilities, and I think he does a great job.

“I think he’s one of the best ADs in America,” Gustafson added.

The 64-year-old Corran said he still has more work to do.

“I’m very appreciative of the fact UVM wants to see me here for at least another three years to help move some of the other projects along a little further,” said Corran when reached by telephone during the holiday break. “I felt we’ve made some progress here and there’s certainly more to be done.”