We have met over 60 times (nearly every month)

Met with AD Corran - Packard

Met with AD Corran - Hockenbury, Davis, Packard

Met with VP Gustafson - Davis, Carter

Met with President Sullivan - Packard/Carter

UVM Board of Trustees vote to reinstate baseball/softball - May 16, 2009 (9 - 13)

Students: Maulucci, Roberts, Sullivan, Bernard met with AD Corran

Celebration of 1893 UVM Team - Riverside Avenue - April, 2011

Commemorate Athletic Park (Charlebois, Riverside Avenue, Burlington) Historic Site Marker

250+ BRING IT BACK lawn signs

75 BRING IT BACK Banners - High school/little league fields

BRING IT BACK banners on 2 CCTA busses

Vermont Baseball Invitational 2014, 2015, 2016 (Centennial Field)

Vermont H S State Baseball Championships 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (Centennial Field)

Financial/emotional support UVM Club Baseball Team-uniforms, equipment field rental, barbecue, umps

WCAX - “The 30” - Hockenbury/Carter

WVMT - 3 times - Carter

101.3 FM - Carter

3 letters in Burlington Free Press

2 letters in Burlington Free Press (not published)

Vermont Public Television Roundtable

Channel 17 Roundtable - 3 times - Simon, Chamberland, Carter, Connor, Talbot, Roberts

Vermont Senate/House of Representatives Resolution - unanimous support, rousing ovation

Table of baseball/softball memorabilia at State House - Friends, Club baseball/softball players

UVM Student Government Association Resolution - October, 2015 (passed-nearly unanimous)

WDEV - Mark Johnson Show - Sissons, Carter

4 News articles- UVM Cynic

2 OPINION Editorials

3 Calcuttas

Friends of UVM Baseball members biographies to President Sullivan


Friends of UVM Baseball rain gear

BRING IT BACK bumper stickers

Friends of UVM Baseball table at Lake Monster games

950 BRING IT BACK business cards

30 second “advertisement” - Essex Cinema

5 Alumni “games”

Alumni mixer - 2013

Video (6 minutes) “BRING IT BACK”

Website; friendsofuvmbaseball.com Facebook/Twitter

Numerous hard copy mailings to UVM President, Trustees, Athletic Director

Met attorneys Mason and Law investigating whether a 501(c)3 is “doable”-Carter/Talbot =”YES!”

Met VT State Senator Sears on Appropriation Committee State House - Carter, Roberts

Met with UVM “lobbyist” Wendy Koenig/ Senator Sears at the State House - Carter, Connor, Maulucci

BRING IT BACK presentation - Underhill/Jericho Lions Club - Carter

SEVEN DAYS article - BRING IT BACK - published March 16, 2016

2 meetings (Friends Committee) with Athletic Director Jeff Schulman-re: BRING IT BACK (9/15,10/13/16)

Applied to the IRS for 501(c) 3 status 9/9/2016 - APPROVED!! 12/29/2016

Sponsored 3 Baseball INVITATIONALS- Norwich U,St. Mikeʼs,Black Sox,Lyndon State, Alumni,Club Team

Accepted the Internship of Grant McKinstrie, Western Carolina University for Semester 2, 2017

2 meetings of Fund Raising sub-committee